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SDTL stands for Small Biomolecules Decode Time & Life

The SDTL® R&D team has more than 30 years of research experience in small biomolecules of anti-oxidant botanicals, blending natural elements and scientific rigour.

The SDTL® team has discovered that plants contain numerous anti-oxidant small polyphenol molecules which are of nano size, some even smaller. Rich in anti-oxidants, these small molecules have the properties to combat free radicals and increase the oxygen supply ability of cells.

The SDTL® biotechnology penetrates to rejuvenate cell functions. It allows the small anti-oxidant molecules to penetrate the skin and reach the cells’ core to perform their reparatory functions, strengthening the body’s ‘self-recovery’ ability and improving its immunity. It is efficient, and its results are noticeable and lasting. 

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The healing properties of its SDTL® natural small biomolecules-based formulas reduce the aging effects of inflammation and free radicals on the different layers of the skin and our body, often penetrating below the surface with innovative small molecule-technology.

SDTL® employs advanced technologies alongside founder’s 30 years R&D in small biomolecules in medical, health and beauty. Biotechnology, botanicals and innovative direction of uses all contribute to it's proprietary blend of natural elements and scientific rigor. It offers extraordinary results to people who demand high-performance, health-enhancing products that are both efficient and effective.

About SDTL: Our Technology
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